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If your application requires equipment with specific physical characteristics, features a unique configuration, or demands environmental protection beyond what is typically provided, Cyberchron Rugged Systems can help. Cyberchron is one of the few companies today that can still offer a semi-custom or totally custom solution. We offer a full staff of professionals with over 25 years of experience providing custom units that satisfy the specific needs of many military/government programs and industrial/commercial projects.

  • Our sales team will help define and quantify the actual configuration and environmental requirements of your system.
  • Our contract/program management will oversee the job to ensure that the schedule is met and the customer is completely satisfied with not only the finished product but the overall experience with Cyberchron.
  • Our engineering group will design and document a unit that will meet or exceed the established requirements.
  • Our manufacturing team will build a high quality unit using ISO9000 procedures.
  • Our test group will validate the performance and functionality of the product during the design and manufacturing process and before shipment of each unit.

Some examples of semi-custom and custom units we have produced are described below:

Dual Disk Drive
Since 1997, Cyberchron has worked with General Dynamics Communication Systems (Taunton, MA) formerly GTE Government Systems Corporation to supply this entirely custom unit. As part of a sophisticated telephone network used in Egypt, this rugged disk drive device provides the ability to load and run the software program plus gathers the temporary and permanent data of this advanced digital switching system.

The rugged design of this unit offers the complete protection required for deployment in the field. The rackmountable chassis is completely EMI shielded and incorporates a custom SCSI controller board and 24VDC power supply. The two floppy disk drives within the system are encased in rugged removable canisters providing additional protection and allowing the drives to be easily removed for maintenance, upgrade or access to secure data.

To meet the demanding requirements often encountered in Navy shipboard and flight deck applications, Cyberchron developed the CPC-5600i/s. Although now being adapted for other military programs, this rugged portable computer was originally designed in 1998 for Northrop Grumman (Bethpage, NY) and the F-14 Asymmetry Sensor Test Set (ASTS).

While the CPC-5600i/s is similar in size, layout and features to the original air-cooled CPC-5600i, it has a major design departure with a fully sealed chassis and a conduction/convection cooling system.

The standard unit provides a 10.4" sunlight readable VGA or 12.1" SVGA AMLCD TFT color display. Operator interfacing is through a fully sealed rubber 81-key keyboard (101-key functionality) and an integrated fully sealed rubber 2-button control pointing device. A further interface option is a finger-on-glass touchscreen. Processing power is Pentium MMX 166 MHz or 233 MHz as standard, with future upgrade paths to Intel Celeron, AMD K6, or low power Pentium II class CPUs. System memory on-board the embedded single board computer is upgradable to 512MB. The internal auto-ranging militarized power supply is suitable for power input options including 86-264VAC and 18-36VDC. Additionally, the unit offers an internal rechargeable UPS battery option.

Expansion and storage capability is significant for this sealed design. Bus expansion accepts full size cards and allows up to 3 PCI-based and 2 ISA-based interface cards. Multiple storage devices can also be accommodated including options for 2 removable hard disk drives, CD-ROM, floppy disk drive, and dual PCMCIA drive.

Two custom rugged workstations, the Remote Control Monitor Subsystem (RCMS) and the Master Controller (MC), were designed in 1999 for Harris (Rochester, NY) and their AN/URC-131 (V) High Frequency Radio Group (HFRG) system. Initiating and controlling all normal operating and system test functions, these two units are an integral part of this naval ship and shore communications system. Offering reliable performance and unmatched environmental protection, these systems are proven to survive the extreme conditions seen by Navy fleets around the world.

Cyberchron rugged products have successfully completed full qualification testing and have long been deployed in shipboard applications such as the Submarine Message Buffer (SMB) and type classified as the AN/ULQ-108, the CVC-3000 as the Navigational Data Integrator for the Navy's Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), and the CPC-5600i for Raytheon's AN/BSG-1 Weapons Launch System (TLAM-N). Similarly, these new custom workstations again underwent full testing, and successful qualifications were achieved in both operational and non-operational states. Testing included the following:
  • Shock (Hammer Blow)
  • Vibration
  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Altitude
  • Salt Fog
  • Fungus
  • Humidity
  • Airborne Noise
  • Transportability
  • Inclination

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