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Basic Product Warranty

  1. All new Cyberchron systems are provided with a 12-month return-to-factory warranty. It covers defects in material and workmanship. This warranty starts on the date the unit was shipped and is valid on the delivered configuration only.
  2. Cyberchron's responsibility under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective hardware and software elements. Cyberchron is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages caused by improper operation or unavailability of any items procured under this agreement.
  3. Failure of hardware elements caused by mishandling or improper operation is not covered by this warranty. Analysis of the failure and the determination of the cause of the failure are the sole responsibility of the Cyberchron technical support and repair staff.
  4. All hardware and software configurations are customer specified. No warranty of suitability for a given application is expressed or implied. All published climatic, dynamic, and electromagnetic environmental specifications are analytical estimates of the systemís capability. Specific environmental guarantees are made only as an element of a formal proposal and contract.
  5. All standard and extended warranties include unlimited telephone support by our trained technical support specialists or repair technicians. Telephone support is normally available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET normal business days. This support covers all systems produced by Cyberchron.
  6. All warranty repairs are performed at the Cyberchron facility in Hopewell Junction, New York. All warranty repairs must be pre-authorized and a Customer Return (CR) number issued prior to shipment.
  7. The customer is responsible for all freight and delivery charges to Cyberchron. If under warranty, Cyberchron will pay for standard ground transportation to return to customer or to point of debarcation for export outside of the Continental United States (CONUS). All additional charges for expedited shipments are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  8. The standard lead-time for repairs is 30 days. Expedited repairs are available and based on Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) and component availability at the time the Customer Return (CR) is issued. Contact Cyberchron for costing information.
  9. All spares, Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), and expendable maintenance items are provided with a 90-day warranty. Repaired items or original Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) out of a non-warranted unit are provided with a 30-day warranty.
  10. Cyberchron warrants all manufactured rugged systems to be software compatible with a hardware configuration of an identical commercial system.
  11. Cyberchron warrants all Cyberchron written software and firmware to be free from defect for a period of 90 days from delivery.

Warranty Extensions (subject to the following additional conditions)

  1. In the event that a warranty has lapsed, Cyberchron must accept the affected product for additional coverage prior to a warranty renewal. Cyberchron's standard inspection and test procedure will be performed at the Hopewell Junction, New York, facility. A one-time charge will be assessed for each item. Factory repair and/or certification will be performed at the prevailing service rates.
  2. Coverage must be continuous for quoted prices to remain valid.

Extended Warranty (subject to the following additional conditions)

  1. Extended warranties are developed individually to satisfy the specific requirements of a customer or program. The terms of the warranty must be written within a contract and agreed to by all parties involved.
  2. Coverage must be continuous for quoted prices to remain valid.

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